From date To date Event Teams remaining
15-Oct 20-Oct Team registration 28
22-Oct Wildcard 28 Details
29-Oct Group Stages Day 1 16 Details
5-Nov Group Stages Day 2 16
12-Nov Group Stages Day 3 16
19-Nov Break - Game Jam weekend
26-Nov Group Stages Day 4 16
3-Dec Group Stages Tiebreakers 16
10-Dec Main Event Day 1 12
17-Dec Main Event Day 2 10
24-Dec Main Event Day 3 - Upper Bracket Semis 7
25-Dec 6-Jan Break - Winter holidays
7-Jan Main Event Day 4 - Lower Bracket Semis 4
14-Jan Main Event Day 5 - Upper & Lower Bracket Finals 3
21-Jan Main Event Final Day - Grand Finals 2

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