This tournament is based on The International, the yearly world Dota2 championship organized by Valve. This year the prize pool went

higher than 20 million USD!

Make sure you check out the infromation about the

international here:

BO2 "Best of 2". 2 Game series that can end

up in 2-0 or 1-1

BO3 "Best of 3". First team to win 2 matches

wins the round. It can go to 3 games in case of 1-1.

BO5 "Best of 5". First team to win 3 matches

wins the round. This can go to 5 games if the teams tie at 2-2 ! Only for the Grand Finals as it can go for 3-4 hours!

Upper Bracket If you lose a round here, you'll have a second

chance in the lower bracket.

Lower Bracket If you lose a round, you're out!
In-game items Cosmetics you can wear on your favorite hero.

People buy this every day with real money! It will be part of the rewards.

Number of players: 5 person (including 1 Captain to ease the communication)
Each participants need a personal Steam account
Studio: HAN, SA1, SA2, DADA, JOG, JO2, MNL
Limited to 2 teams per studio to reach 14 teams. Local management chooses their teams: It

is encouraged to organize a local qualifier tournament to ensure the best teams join!

Maximum teams in the tournament: 16 teams
Last slots to reach 16 are filled with 2 wildcard winners
BASIC INFORMATION (TBC Studio Coordinator)
Location: Each studio. In a case of HW malfunction/unavailability, it's acceptable to join

online via personal PC from home.

Time: Every Saturdays within the Timeline (See next Sheet), with slots at 9 am, 11 am, 1

pm, and 3 pm.

The maximum end time will be 5.30 pm.
Grand Final could last until 6 pm.
10 PCs per studio with Steam and DotA 2 installed and up to date.
To test the required equipment 1 day before the 1st matches date.
Step 0: Local qualifiers
Up to the studios to organize during the given time. Before the final deadline, Local

Studios must send to Arthur the 2 main team's information

Information MUST contain: Name and steam account of the captain, full name and GL ID of

the team members

Step 1: Wild card
Single elimination BO1 based on how many extra teams studios have
For example: all studios filled their 2 slots (14 teams), but there are 8 teams who still

want to participate: they compete for the last 2 slots

Only 3 team per studio can register to the Wild Card: The local Studio will decide who
Information MUST contain: Name and steam account of the captain, full name and GL ID of

the team members

Step 2: Group stages (EXAMPLE IN "GROUP STAGES" TAB)
All team face each other once for a total of 3 matches per team
4 group of 4 teams will compete in BO2 series (2 matches)
Victory = 2 points
Draw = 1 point
Loss = 0 points
All teams will compete in BO3 series with double elimination phase (as seen in


It is a similar format as the last SEA DOTA2 tournament. This is based on The

International format: It looks complicated but in fact it's really simple and fair !

Getting first place during the group stages will secure your team a spot in the Upper

Bracket, which allows you to lose 1 round without being eliminated.

Grand Final is a BO5
Arthur (HAN) will send the match plannings 1 week in advance to team captains, they will

confirm the time.

At GAME TIME -1 hour, captains will re-confirm on Steam to Arthur
At GAME time, lobbys will be created for Captains to ready their teams
Any failure of the captain to ready their team for game time will be given a 30 minute

warning, then an automatic abandon and match loss.

Pause rules : to decide between facing captains 
If any issue, contact admin (Arthur), who will decide based on situation & replay


Phone number for emergency: +841672278899