PA Arcana blades


Name Position finish % of Prize Pool Prize (VND) USD value Extra rewards
MLP Winner 23% 6,900,000 304 1x Arcana, 5x Rare Set
DXRM Runner up 17% 5,100,000 225 1x Arcana, 5x Rare Set
Hardcode 3rd Place 12% 3,600,000 159 1x Arcana, 5x Rare Set
Newbie 4th Place 9.5% 2,850,000 126 1x Immortal, 5x Rare Set
WAGS, Yong 5-6th Place 7.25% 2,175,000 96 5x Rare Set
TCG, Starbound 7-8th Place 5% 1,500,000 66 5x Rare Set
ORTCO, MAX, Overdrive, NAB 9-12th Place 3.5% 1,050,000 46 5x Random Sets
SEAreckt, LULTeam, RNG, ROFL 13-16th Place 0% 0 0

An extra 5 Winter treasure I and 2 Winter treasure II is awarded for the top 12 as well.

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