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If the game you want to see is not broadcasted on the official page, you can still watch it through DOTA TV in the game client, and stay tuned as we will cast different teams throughout the main event !

Next events planned: Edit

Bracket Date Team A Team B Casted?
Lower Bracket Final 21-JAN 9:00 AM GMT+7 MLP (MNL) vs. Hardcode (HAN) Yes
Grand Finals (BO5) 21-JAN 1:00 PM GMT+7 DXRM (SA2) vs. TBC Yes

Past events & VOD Links Edit

Main Event Day 3 Edit

  • No broadcasts on that day.

Main Event Day 2 Edit

  • Coming soon.

Main Event Day 1 Edit

  • Upper Bracket Semis: WAGs vs. DXRM Game 1 Game 2
  • Lower Bracket: MLP vs. ORTCO Game 1 Game 2
  • Lower Bracket: TCG vs. MAX Game 1 Game 2

Group Stages Day 4 Edit

  • Coming soon.

Group Stages Day 3 Edit

Group Stages Day 2 Edit

Group Stages Day 1 Edit

Wildcard Edit

Play of the Day Edit

Wildcard: Play of the Day:

Play of the Day - Day 1 - Wildcard - Yong vs

Play of the Day - Day 1 - Wildcard - Yong vs. 2F